7.6" Kokkens Kniv Håndlavet Smedet Kinesiske Køkken Kniv 5CR15 Rustfrit Stål
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Blade Materiale: 5Cr15mov Rustfrit Stål

Håndtag Materiale: wenge træ + nitte fastsættelse

Fuld Længde: 298mm

Håndtag Længde: 103mm

Klinge Længde: 195mm

Blad Bredde: 63 mm

Blad Tykkelse: 2,8 mm

Netto Vægt: ca 319g

Bemærk: på Grund af forskellige målemetoder, størrelse og vægt af produktet, kan have en lille erro r

  • Model-Nummer: AE6-LJH-079
  • Funktion 1: Udskæring Kniv
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Funktion 7: professionel kok kniv
  • Indslag 2: Grøntsager Kniv
  • Funktion 6: cooking tools
  • Kniv Type: Cleaver
  • Funktion 9: slagter kniv
  • Funktion 3: Hakkekniv
  • Funktion: Lager
  • Certificering: SGS
  • Materiale: Rustfrit Stål
  • Funktion 4: High Carbon Belagt Stål
  • Funktion 5: Fiske-Filetering Kniv
  • Funktion 8: kødkniv

Tags: fold lomme kniv, knive, nakiri knive, kokkens kniv, damaskus santoku kniv, køkken knive, cleaver kniv, pubg gave nøgle, 7cr17 kniv stål, køkken værktøj.

Thank you seller. Got the knife. It's fine. Very sharp. And cool.
This knife must be good. On the idea. If not for the nuances. Packing. The Blade Itself is oiled with oil, so as not to break through on the road, and wrapped with film. Paper envelope and soft pocket made of Calico "pupyrki". Next is emptiness. There's no emptiness. And carton box. The knife itself dangles there like a ball in arcanoid. The result is a broken box and zazubrina on the canvas. No one else has been hurt, though, as you know. The knife itself. Zazubrins. It's clear, you need to drag. Although the knife, came already cool sharpened and fueled. Forging, clear case, decorative, but original beautiful. Handle. Gov .. Kal. The tree is not dried. Slots and gaps. To the touch-disgusting and not convenient. In general, so-so the product. I bought at a discount for "coins". 399r. This is the red price for this product. But to use it white preliminary arguments as it is not comilfo. Here is this workpiece, waiting for the hands to reach. Sorry for the time spent waiting and complete disappointment. Five stars is just a formality.
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